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Book Reviews   
by Davey Williams





   Music as Adventure

  The Collected Writings of Wally Shoup

Wally Shoup

  Nine Muses Books, 2011












   Guitar Zero
   The New Musician and the Science of Learning

   Gary Marcus

   Penguin Press, 2012  










Solo Gig

      Essential Curiosities in Musical Free Improvisation

      Davey Williams

                                    Birdfeeder Editions, 2011









      Wisdom of the Impulse
     On the Nature of Musical Free Improvisation

     Tom Nunn

                                reviewed by
                                       Davey Williams & LaDonna Smith













                                       Four Books by Jeffrey Agrell

       Improvisation Games for Classical Musicans
         Improvised Chamber Music

         Improv Duets for Classical Musicians

         Improv Games for One Player