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Lalo Rossi - “Clepxidra”


Keyboard, all compositions & Clepxidralogo by Rossi Lauro Lalo

A collage of different moods, timing, sound, etc.  There are four flute solos and five piano solos which utilize about half of this release.  The remaining songs are upbeat, sometimes off-beat and explore the realm of the instrument(s) played.  It seemed to me that two different CD’s were combined into one.  The upbeat mood is split by light flute solos and piano solos (which works the keys).  Even at times you get a psychedelic feel (song 2 especially). - Robin Taylor


CONTACT: Altrisuoni: Casella Postale 804,CH-6962 Viganello, Switzerland, Tel-Fax + 41 91 605 42 21.  E-mail:,



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