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Stephan Meinberg Vitamine - “Horizontal”


Stephan Meinberg - tp, flgh, toy-duck

Angelika Niescier - as, fl, ss

Heiko Kulenkampff - p, acc

Sebastian Rather - b, e-b

Christian Thome - dr, voc, p

Vitamine is the new band of Stephan Meinberg.

Meinberg, a German Academic Exchange Services scholarship holder in New York, has developed new ideas in improvisational music, learning from some of the best musicians in the world.

 Angelika Niescier, a recent award winner in Dusseldorf, improves her musical abilities here.  She also has her own band SUBLIM, which is on the German scene.

 With “Horizontal,” Meinberg incorporates New Music composition with traditional jazz, appealing to both traditionalists, as well as those involved in the improv and/or Free Scene.

 These young musicians have clearly shown that they are talented beyond their years. - Robin Taylor


CONTACT: JazzHausMusik, Venloerstr. 40, 50672 Koln; Tel - + 49 221 942994 50; Fax - + 49 221 952994 90; E-mail:;



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