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Thoughts and Comments - by  KID LUCKY

Improvised music is the root of all creation. Big words but for those who

have not reached that level but improvise, you will. I have seen past,

present and future while under the influence of a heavy groove. Which is

why I feel that improvised music is more than just entertainment. Improvised

music has healing purposes and teaches us many things or makes us more 

aware to the (((vibes))) that are around us.  Jazz is a very good example of

improvised music being an open healing force and than becoming a

"controlled substance."  Improvised Music was the root of it all in classical

music.  But after Beethoven created the the whole writing thing, because

he was going deaf, it seems like it became a forgotten art in classical music

as well. We won't even go to the heart of Black American music. So many

Duke Ellingtons Before Duke Ellington and during, it is boggling. But we are

told that if we cannot read it, and if you can't write it, then it is not music.

Sun Ra is so powerful that when I was sick "Space Is The Place" cured me.


Improvised music is credited to being the beginning CREATIVITY... Well

According to Christians and other religions, their Gods CREATED heaven

and earth. And there you have it - improv is the root of all creation.

I do feel that improvised musicians should work harder at connecting

with each other around the U.S. and beyond. And that the Only way to

do it Is to gather funds to create a larger record label that has the

Prince deal: leave the creating up to the artist and the business of

promotion and other label administrative stuff to the label.

Or to start up a large space similar to the Lincoln Jazz

Center.  Just size, not music.  I mprov musicians must bang down NARAS's

door so that we can get the credit that we deserve; for being able

to create on the spot. Do you really think that Wynton Marsalis can play

jazz like Cecil Taylor? Heck no! Cecil can create for hours take a break and

then play again! Wynton Marsalis can't even go through the first round!

Also, improvised music holds the key to unity amongst the masses. 


In improvised music, listening is more important than playing. Now if you

apply that to many different relationships you would find that arguments,

wars and other difficulties would drop dramatically if people were more

sensitive to each other. To be able to work with sound is similar to working

with people. Improvised music is alive and must be treated with respect

and dignity.

                                          -kid lucky-

Kid Lucky projects!

Urban Acappella is a magnificent vocal concept bringing jazz, trip hop and

r&b together with three of the most unique vocalist to hit the

scene.Featuring Miles Griffith, M and Kid Lucky the young mastermind behind

this project; are showing the future of of a cappella jazz. What is more

amazing is that these amazing pieces of music are all improvised!

Improvised music is making a huge comeback in the NYC jazz and

music scene and NEW YORK CITY JAM SESSION INC. is on the cutting

edge of it.  Founded by it's president Terry(kid lucky)Lewis, NEW YORK CITY JAM

SESSION INC. began in the fall of 1999. NEW YORK CITY JAM SESSION INC.

started an improvised jam session at the Sidewalk Cafe

located at 94 ave.A (on the corner of East 6 street and ave.A)

now currently happening every Wednesday from 11:00pm - 1:00am.

It is the place to be on a late wednesday night. some of the musicians that

have shown up to play or just check it out are Sabir Matten, Codi Mundi,

Luther Thomas, Ed Littman, Danny Zanker, Bruce Mack, On Davis, M,

Thierno,Adam Feller, Tom Chess, Tor Snyder and countless others in the Free

Music scene

For more info 212-222-3532 or email

NEW YORK CITY JAM SESSION INC. is at it again with a new spin on the

whole slam scene. With all the musicians complaining about other musicians

and who is good and who sucks... bring all the gripes to

"The Open Improvised Slam Jam Competition!".

What is it?

1. go to the Pink Pony at 7:30pm on Tuesday March 7

2. Sighn up. First 25 musicians get on list. So get there early!

3. Competition starts at 8:00pm

4. Each musician gets 3 - 5 min to create an improvised piece with

thier own instrument (a drum kit and guitar amp are also provided)

Each musician is judged by three judges picked out of the audienc before the

competiton begins.

5. After 1st round the ten lowest scorers are subtracted and the remaining

15 musicians compete in the 2nd round.

6. After 2nd round is over the next 10 lowest scoring musicians are

subtracted. Leaving only 5 musicians to compete for the grand prize

of $25.00

7. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each week will compete at the end of

the month for $50.00

8. Your hosts of the competition will be Dan Walsh, Tor Snyder and Kid Lucky

9 Admission is $5.00

Pink Pony is located at 176 Ludlow st.

sighn up at 7:30pm showtime 8:00pm

starting Tuesday March 7, 2000

For more info contact Terry at 212-222-3532 or e-mail



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