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Dear Musicians and Improvisators,

Here are Dariusz Startek and Robert Piotrowicz from Szczecin,

Poland. We organize concerts called JAZZ W KANIE (JAZZ IN KANA).

Concerts takes place at TEATR KANA (KANA THEATRE) in Szczecin

and from November '99 it is each Monday.

Our idea of music presentation bases on promotion non-commercial

music culture. It has jazz in the name because we complete music from

something what is however connected with jazz (for us that means:

jazz, free, improvised music, experiments, electronics, new music etc.).

            The place we put concerts is as we said TEATR KANA.

It is small size alternative theatre, but this is one of most important

and famous theatre in Poland and we sure in Europe. This place is as

everybody dreams, good venue, atmosphere, people... For our concerts

it is the best place.

What is that letter about? We'd like to invite all improvisators,

experimentators - any kind of musicians looking for art -

to co-operate. Please contact us, we have all things for managing

concerts: venue, sound equipment, press help... you can play here!!!

There is only one non-optimistic thing, we have low budget.

We usually make cheap tickets, and place can compact about 100

persons, but if we and artists will make effort, there is possibility

to find culture institution to cover most important costs.

Our activity is directed to promotion of new arts.

People in Poland have not a lot contacts with such music.

We are still closed from news, by our concerts we want make

one sure point where something happens.

Szczecin (north-west Poland, 500 thousands citizens)

is near to German border , so if you play somewhere there

(for example Berlin - only 100 km from Szczecin),

you can come to us and present your music.

We have possibility to find other places for concerts in Poland.

In the theatre we can make workshop, we are open for your

propositions. That all for first time, Please reply, send this message

to anybody who can interests in that now, or anytime.

All the best in new 2000 year.

Dariusz Cezary Startek/Robert Piotrowicz
ul. Sikorskiego 25
71-072 Szczecin

tel./fax: +48/91/4845495
tel.: +48/91/4494041
tel. kom.: +48/601/732356



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