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The Phone Improv Show - Aug 1-31

For the month of August 2010, as part of a worldwide month-long festival celebrating the 30th Anniversary of “the improvisor” journal of free improvisation, we are organizing live improvisation sessions via phone that will be streamed LIVE over the internet. You can either
-- schedule a closed improvisation session with your “group” or as a soloist,
-- or you can join in an open improv with other random musicians.

The purpose of the Phone Improv Show is to provide a fun opportunity for
anyone anywhere to perform their own musical improvisations via phone,
that can be heard around the world.   All shows on the Phone Improv Show
are streamed live and also archived versions of the shows are available.
The Phone Improv Show is organizing special appearances by certain
improvisors and improvisation groups, as well as open improv sessions for
anyone who would like to call in.  The Phone Improv Show is also streaming
some live events from the improvisor festival.

For more information, to participate, and to listen to shows go to:

The introduction of cell phones opened the possibility that all land line, hardwired telephones will soon be obsolete. Traditionally,  definitions are blurred when considering technological items such as the phone. Now with cellphones, speakerphones, and all, improvisers from across the globe can
play together, over the phone, using the low fi recording potential of the phone. From Alabama, to New Zealand, listen and play!!!