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NAKATANI, Tatsuya   Primal Communication    2007
 Nakatani, Tatsuya   Green Report 9

Nakatani, Tatsuya   Limn with Audrey Chen, Susan Alcorn

Tatsuya Nakatani     Scientists Levitate Small Animals (Zepubicle)


Stephen Nachmanovich    Free Play  excellent book, on philosophy and practices of free improvisation


Nakagawa  Hiroshi   Haco

 Nash Robert Contre-Contre Basse,
                             I Methode,Incomplete et Extreme

Nazarian, Parik   Michael Fahres-The Tubes

Newman,Kurt    Live gig at Victory, Toronto, Sept. 5, 2000

Newman, Harris    Accidents with Natiure
Newman, Maria     Accidents with Nature
Newman, Thomas   Maria Falling Away


Newton, Barry   Light that Fills the World

Newton, Lauren     Shopping Live @ Victo

New Quartet     Blue Rhizome

Nicol,  Simon Bones of all Men

Nicolay  Keith Jamaica

Nicols, Maggie    Sequences 72 and 73


Nieman Paul Sequences 72 and 73

Nijdam,  Jan Kontrans 343

 Niggli, Lucas   Lucas Niggli and Sylvie Courvoisier,

Noodle Shop:  Elliott Sharp, Jonathan Segal, Attila Engin, John Kruth
                                       Moon Dog Girl

Norderval, Kristin Dreaming Wide Awake

Nunn , Tom Peering Over
Crepuscular Music

Nyenhuls,  John Henry
Bogus Piano Concerto