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  We remember his dry wit,
his music, his presence , his wit, the father figure
of the European
Improvised Music Movement

Derek Bailey
      Meanwhile, Back in Sheffield...

     In Play 

Laurie Scott Baker  Liquid Metal Dreaming

Berkeley Gamelan Ensemble  Lion's Eye/Lion's Tale

Billy Bang  Echoes

Ron Bangi  M'Lumba vs. Kobalt 6
Spinning Toursts in a City of Ghosts
Lewis Barnes  Great Sunset

Barabino, Federico   Continuo  with Gino Robair

Sally Barr    Jim Conolly and the Gove Country String Quartet

Robert Barrows   How the Light Gets In   

Barsness, Eric   My Dear Siegfried

Baumann, Franziska   Voice Sphere

Carlos Bechegas    Airs 
                                     Departure of One
Mick Beck    Meanwhile, Back in Sheffield
                      Winter Pilgrim Arriving
Berndt, John   Private Language Problem

Behrman, David   My Dear Siegfried

Beins,  Burkhard     Perlon

Berardi,  Joseph    Impropera Non Credo

Bennett, Samm  Secrets of Teaching Yourself Music

Borah Bergman    Blind Pursuits

James Bergman  Trios for Deep Voices

Bergmark, Johannes Musica Genera

Berndt, John    Thus, Tripod Mind

Michael Bettine   Stars Show the Way

Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen  

Martin Birke       Urubamba

Robert Black     Vermont, The Seasons

William Blauvelt     A Page of Madness
Peter Blegvad     Hangman's Hill
Jonathan Blepler    The Opium War

Jaap Blonk

Bode, Peer      Voice Coil

Eric Boeren Quartet     Joy of a Toy

Guido Bombardieri

Bourdellon, Jerome    Totem

Loren Boyer      Des Parasites
Steve Brand    Tree Sap for the Heart, 

Anthony Braxton  

Willem Breuker      

Dario Bruna   Mysterioso-Automatismi

Buckner, Thomas   My Dear Siegfried
                                           Totem with Jerome Bourdellon

Burt, Warren  The Animation of Lists And the Archytan Transpositions

John Butcher  And Only Life My Lush Lament

                                Buddy Systems   with Gino Robair

       Minton, Butcher, Hirt: Two Concerts
 Taylor ho Bynum    

Buzzarte, Moniek Dreaming Wide Awake


Chris Bywater  Transient V Resident