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Artists Subindex  (K)

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Kaiser, Henry   
           Yo Miles

           Recent Fossils
           Friends and Enemies


Kaiser, Jeff           Jeff Kaiser Ocodektet
                                    Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet

Kato, Osam   Do the Glimpse

Kazamaki ,Takashi  Takashi Kazamaki Live in New York, 1897

Keene, Richard   Great Sunset
Kelly, Greg   "nmperign's 2nd CD"

Kent, Peter     Accidents with Nature 

Kerman, David        Blast

Kihlstedt, Carla   DalabaFrithGlickRiemanKielstedt

Killick, Eric Hinds  A.S.A.P. Wings "live" with Bob Stagner & Dennis Palmer

Killick   Killick Bull***

Killick  Exsanguinette and the Creek Don't Rise

Killick, Scientists Levitate Small Animals (Zepubicle)

Klapper, Martin   Musica Genera

Kline, Phil   Glow in the Dark

Knieper, Jurgend    State of Things

Amy Knoles  Light that Fills the World

Koch, Hans    Fidel

Peter Kowald  Departure of One

Dave Knott     Natura Naturans
                            Natura Naturans (2)
Kracht, Hartmut    Kontrabass pur

Krami ,Herbert     HV West
Krieger, Jeffrey     AC DC VC, solo cello

Kuehn, David         On the Leopard Altar
Lacy, Steve    10 Dukes and Six Originals

Laswell, Bill     Speechless

Lawler, Keenan   Recent Fossils

Leigh, Geoff       Leg-end

Lentz , Daniel   Point of Conception

Lemke, Helmut      the Long and Short of It

Lockwood, Annea   Thousand Year Dreaming

Lovens, Paul    Recent Fossils

Lukoszevieze, Anton String Quartets

Lussier, Rene   Keep the Dog