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Artists Subindex (P-Q)

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Gary Pahler     Recent Fossils

Palmer, Dennis    A.S.A.P. Wings

Palestine, Charlemagne  A Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Butterflies for Maybeck

Daniel Panasenko        Urubamba
Panhuysen, Paul     Partitas for Long Strings
Panzer, Elizabeth    Dancing in Place
Paredes, Robert   Forgetting and Remembering
Palmer, Dennis       Purple Wind


Parker, Evan  Bremen to Bridgewater, Brotherhood of Breath
At the Vortex  

                            Sequences 72 and 73

Parker William   Another Shining Path

Parkins, Margaret    The Opium War
Parkins, Zeena    The Opium War
                               Keep the Dog
Parnell, Dennis    On the Leopard Altar
Peebles, Sarah   Cinnamon Sphere  
Whose Forest?
Perlgras,  Nickendes    Die Hintere Vase

Perkins, Geoff  Sequences 72 and 73

Perkins, Tim    Buddy Systems
Perris,  Charles  HV West

Peters, Steve      From Shelter

Peterson, Marina   Quartet Solo Pieces

Pezzone, Brian     Light That Fills the World

                                   Point of Conception

                                   Sudoko 82

Phillips, Barre    Trignition

Pierce,Billy   Froggin Around

Polanski,  Larry  TRIOS
                                Four Voice Canons

Pontiggia, Claudio   Generator
                                   Il Trio


Porter, D   Exsanguinette and the Creek Don't Rise

Powers, Greg      Raga for the Rainey Season
Post Prandials        Jamacai
Provini, Herve   "sSkies"

Pukwana, Dudu         Bremen to Bridgewater, Brotherhood of Breath

Quellet , Louis   Vex Ohm