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Andy Haas  9 Meals from Anarchy

Jonathan Haas  Off-Hour Wait State

Laura Hackstein  Jim Connolly and the Gove Country String Quartet


Rich Halley  Live at Beanbenders

Tom Hamilton    
                            Off-Hour Wait State  

Hamilton, Tod    My Dear Siegfried    

Hamilton, Tom  Shadow Machine

Hanuman Sextet  9 Meals From Anarchy

Hardy, Marina   Pink Violin

Bob Harsh   Viovox

Hassell, Jon   Michael Fahres-The Tubes

Hay, Emily   We Are

Hayward, Charles    Keep the Dog

Hertlein, Rosie Dreaming Wide Awake

Knut Hamre   A

Hanuman Sextet   Confusing the Devil        

Haapala, Tuomo    Vattenvirlar/Movements in Rapid Water
                  Sonic Poems

                  Luft:  Iskra


Josh Hanson, I love you

Hassay, Gary      A Survivor's Smile

Another Shining Path

Hassell, John    Maria Falling Away

Emily Hay     Like Minds

Phil Haynes    Trad Corrosion
Hemingway, Gerry    Gestalten
Heenan, Chris   Bedouin Hornbook
Hennan, Mark  Great Sunset
Hennenan Strijkkwartet  Pes
Henry Cow   Leg end
Hession, Paul     Meanwhile, Back in Sheffield... 

Heyner, Matt  9 Meals From Anarchy

Hildreth, Todd      Young and Innocent Days

                                 Recent Fossils


Hinds, Erik   A.S.A.P. Wings

Anna-Kajsa Holmberg  Samsungen

Hobbs, Christopher  Sudoko 82

Holmes, John   My Bongo 

Hooker, William  Great Sunset

Horist, Bill     Sleep Hammer

Hovda, Elenor  Coastal Traces

Humphrey    Piano: The Perpetual Motion

Houle, Francois  Live at Banlius Bleues                   Any Terrain Tumultous

Huber, Mark       HV West

Hultgren, Craig  Electro-accoustic Cello Book

Humler, Anna    Kepland Serenades

The Wind at Beni Midar

Hyperion Ensemble       Musique Action