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Artists Subindex starting with R

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Rader , Abbey     Echoes

Rainey, Bhob    Crawlspace 
                             "nmperign's Second CD"    

Nelson-Rainey, Steve    Breathing
Rammel,  Hal  Breathing

Raw, Hilton   A Arte Da Infelicidade

Rawcliff, Susan      2 Many Axes
RayScot   Bedouin Hornbook 
                    Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet

Raz, Carmel   Blue Rhizome

Reason, Dana   Purple Wind

Rechtern, Mario   Earth Dances & Rain Dances Two Cd's

Rechtern, Mario    Earth Dances

Reichman, Nathaniel  Light that Fills the World


Reijseger, Ernst    I'm An Indian Too    

Repetto, Douglas   Trios

Richard, Ferdinand    Speechless

Rieman, Eric   DalabaFrithGlickRiemanKiehstadt

Riot Trio     Sound      James Rohr, Nate McBride, Curt Newton
Howard Riley Sequences 72 and 73

Sam Rivers  Torque


Gino Robair Winter Pilgrim Arriving
                            Crepuscular Music
Purple Wind

Roberts. Christopher    Trios for Deep Voices

Roberts, Steve    Recent Fossils

Robertson, Herb Sound Implosion

Rodrigues, Amerigo O despertar do funambulo

Roper ,William   Lament of Absolom

Rose, Jon    reviews lost, sorry!


Rosen,Jay  Sound Implosion

Eric Rosenthal    And Only Life My Lush Lament

Rosetta    Lune Rousse
Lalo Rossi   Clepxidra
Massiano Rossi Divertissement 

Roberts, Christopher  Last Cicada Singing

David Rothenberg Unamuno

Rob von Roy      M'Lumba vs. Kobalt
                               Spinning Tourists in a City of Ghosts

Roswell Rudd Associates

Adam Rudolph Contemplations

Jordan  Rudess    How the Light Gets In

Rik Rue            Dissect the Body

Ann Rupel       Fabulous Drop  

Antonio Russek Electroacoustic Music from Latin America

John Russell Navigations

Rutherford, Paul  Gentle Harm of the Bourgoisie