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Fade          Rick Cox, Thomas Freeman

Fairly Early with Postscripts     Fairly Early

Fidel            Studer/ Koch /Schutz

Fingering an Idea    David Watson

Finnish Jazz '98   various artists

For Birds, Planes and Cellos   Miya Masaoko

Forgetting and Remembering    Robert Paredes

Four Voice Canons    Larry Polanski

Franco DiGrassi/Gianni Lenoci   DeGrassi/Lenoci

Fred Anderson Quartet     Fred Anderson

Friends and Enemies     Kaiser/ Frith

Fringes    Guiseppi Ielassi

Froggin Around   Chris McCain/ Billy Pierce Trio

Frog Peak Collaborations Project  


From Shelter     Steve Peters, Marghreta Cordero, Alicia Ultan

Game No Game  George Marsh, W.A. Mathieu

Gary Smith and John Stevens   Gary Smith/John Stevens

Gathering of Ancestors    Francis Wong

Generator     Claudio Pontiggia

Gestalten   Frank Gratkowski Trio

Ghost Notes     Davies/Wastell/ Fell

Great Sunset      William Hooker

Green Report 9       Tatsuya Nakatoni

Guitar Plus      Guitar Plus

Guitarrasalto     Edge City Collective

Guzheng Music    David Sait


Haiku   Michael Jeffrey Stevens

Hangmans Hill    Blegvad/Grieves/Cutler

Hans Fjellestad 33  

Heritage and Ringtones  Martin Archer

How the Light Gets In    Marian Osiel

Hums to Terre   Elliot Sharp,  Franck Vigreux

HV West      HV West                  

I Love you           Lastra, Hanson

Impossible Shapes  Chris Meloche

Impropera  Non Credo - Joseph Berardi, Kira Vollman

In Play  Derek Bailey

ISM       Frode Gjerstad

Istia      Tres Bass

     Post Prandials

Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet  Jeff Kaiser

Joy of a Toy    Eric Boeren Quartet

Kagel     James Wood, Mark Collins, Douglas Therault, Mathew Sperry

Keep the Dog   Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Charles Hayward,Rene Lussier  Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins

Kelpland Serenades   Anna Humler, Stewart Liebig

Killick Bull***   Killick




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