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9 Meals From Anarchy- Hanuman Sextet:
                                                                               Andy Haas, Don Florino, Mia Theodoratus, Matt 
                                                                                            Heyner, David Gould, Deepop

16   Franco DiGrassi, Gianni Lenoci

A.S.A.P. Wings   Killick, Eric Hinds, Bob Stagner, Dennis Palmer

2 Many Axes  Susan Rawcliff, Scott Wilkinson, Brad Dutz

A Blessing   John Hollenbeck Ensemble

A Sweet Quasimodo
Between Black Vampire Butterflies For Maybeck
   Charlemagne Palestine


Accidents with Nature    Harris Newman, Bruce Cawdron

Accordion Koto  Pauline Oliveros/Miya Masaoka

Acoustic Icicles   Christy Doran  2009

AC DC VC .        Jeffrey Krieger, solo cello

Adams Cox Fink & Fox

Aktivavoco      Edge City Collective

ALABAMA        Greg Foster/ Joel Futterman

A Page of Madness    Aono Jikken

AIRS               Loren Mazzacaine Connors

All Time Present     All Time Present

Al Noor   Carl Stone

And Only Life My Lush Lament      

Another Shining Path               Ye Ren

Any Terrain Tumultous      Francis Houle, Marilyn Crispell

April Works        Peter Scharli

A Temperament for Angels  Michael Jon Fink

Audio Art Compilation 03


Automatic Music     no credits given, from NC

BAZAR  Live           Scott Bazar 

Bedouin Hornbook  Rich West

Beebop Starburst    Paul Dunmal Octet

Below, Beyond, Above   Voicecrack

Bespoken   Gianni Mimmo, Lorenzo dal Ri

Beyond Noend        Gerard Erante

Birmingham Improv Festival Recordings 96     compilation

Blind Pursuits    Jim Staley, Bora Bergman, Phoebe Legere

Blue-Eyed Easter Island Babies   Jaws of the Flying Carpet

Blue Rhizome   New Quartet


Blues               Mats Gustafsson and David Stackenas

Breathing    Steve Nelson Raney / Hal Rammell

Bremen to Bridgewater, Brotherhood of Breath- (Elton Dean, Mongezi Feza, Louis Moholo, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana, McGregor and 11 others)

Buddy Systems  Gino Robair, LaDonna Smith, Tim Perkins, John Butcher

Bug             Desmarchelier, Toulemonde


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