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2 Many Axes     Susan Rawcliff, Scott Wilkinson, Brad Dutz

Taking the Long View   Woo Revelator

Ten Dukes and Six Originals    Steve Lacy

The Animation Of Lists And The Archytan Transpositions Warren Burt, Catherine Schieve

The Cram and Stuff     Juglebandi

The Chord Catalog Tom Johnson

The Glass World  Annea Lockwood

The Long and Short of It    John Jasnoch/ Helmut Lenke

The Opium War   Tenko Ikue Mori, Chris Cochrane, David Shea, ZeenaParkins, Margaret Parkins, Joe Tramp, Jonathan Bepler, D.D. Dorveillier,  D.J. Olive

The Opposite of War          
Steve McClean Ensemble

The Perpetual Motion  Piano  ArTist, Person, AnoNyMous, MysterY, HuMan,   Humphrey

The Place We Began   John Luther Adams

The Psyche           Leroy Jenkins, Sirone, Jerome Cooper

The View is Better than the Top of the Food Chain  Jugalbandi: Greg Segal, Hyam Sosnow

The Wind at Beni Midar  Craig Hultgren, Robert Thompson

Thousand Year Dreaming   Annae Lockwood

Through Fire, Crevice, and the Hidden Valley   Jim Denley

Thus, Tripod Mind     John Berndt, Niel Feather

Tibboorra   Stevie Wishart, Jim Denley

Time Of The Grets    

Time Stops to Visit   Jim Connolly and the Gove County Philharmonic

Time Stories      David Moss

TITLE GOES HERE     personnel not listed

Torpor     Morgan Guberman

Trad Corrosion     Ullmann/ Willers/ Haynes

Tree Sap for the HeartXibala, Augur , Steve Brand

Trignition   Barre Phillips/ Vinny Golia/ Bertram Turetsky

Trios   Tom Erbe- Chris Mann- Larry Polansky- Douglass Repetto-
                           Christian Wolff-

Two Gentlemen in Verona   Fred Frith/ Chris Cutler

Unanswered Question           Intermission

Unquenchable Fire        Deep Listening Band / Joe McPhee Quartet 

                     Pauline Oliveros- Stuart Dempster- David Gamper-
McPhee- Joe Giardullo-Monica Wilson- Karen Jurgens-


Urubamba  Sandbox Trio

Vade Mecum 1994 Soulnote Milano    Bill Dixon

Variety Orchestra  Brian Woodbury

Vattenvirlar/Movements In Rapid water      Tuomo Haapala

VAZEN VOL (vases full)     The Schizmatics

Vex Ohm         Vex Ohm

Victory,      gig at Victory, Toronto, Ont. Sept 5, 2000,  Kurt Newman, Mike Genera,
                    John Oswald,  Allson Cameron....etc.

Viovox       Bob Harsh

Voice Coil  Carrier Band: Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode, Andrew Deutsch, Stephen Vitiello

Voice Sphere   Franziska Bauumann

Which Came First; The Fried Chicken or the Fried Egg?     Davey William's cartoons 

While I was Walking I heard a Sound  Miya Masaoka

Whose Forest?    Sarah Peebles

Winter Pilgrim Arriving    Martin Archer, Derek Saw, Simon Fell, Tim Cole, Charlie Collins Gino Robair, Mick Beck

Woo Revelator    Taking the Long View

Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces   Jeff McCloud

Ye Ren     Another Shining Path- Gary Hassay, William Parker, Toshi Makihara

Yo Miles   Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith

Young and Innocent Days   Eugene Chadbourne, Gregory Acker, Steve Good, Todd Hildreth, Andy Rademaker, Gary Pahler, Dean Zigoris

Eric Zinman Ensemble    Eric Zinman, John Voigt, Lawrence Cook

Zigzag     Kazamaki Takashi

Zunder HV WEST Charles Peris,  Bruno Steffen, Herbert Kramis, Mark Huber


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