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Mackie, Paul  On the Leopard Altar

Machine for Making Sense    Dissect the Body

MacKay, Gordon   String Quartets

Mahler, David
            Voice of the Poet

Mahler, Fred     Speechless


Makihara, Toshi       Another Shining Path

Malik, Ralphe        Resonance

Manderscheid, Dieter      Gestalten

Mann, Chris  Trios         Frog Peak Collaborations Project

Marron   Sleep Hammer

Marshall Marotte  Scientists Levitate Small Animals

Marsh, George   Game No Game

Margot Mathieu    Speechless

Miya Masaoko    Accordion, Koto w/Pauline Oliveros

                           For Birds, Planes and Cellos

                           Purple Wind

                           While I Was Walking I Heard a Sound

Mathews, Doug   Torque

Mathieu, W.A.  Game No Game

Marchesano, Frederico     Divertissement

Marclay, Christian     More Encores

Maroney, Denman    How the LIght Gets In

Marsh, Tony        Shell of Certainty
Marslow, George   Game No Game

Martusciello, Elio

Martusciello, Maruizio

Masaoka, Miya Crepuscular Music
Usual Turmoil and Other Duets

Mateen, Sabir Resonance

Mathieu, W. A.     Game No Game

Mattacks, Dave   Bones of all Men

Mattos, Marcio   Navigations

Mauri, Simone    Produzione Propria Ensemble

Loren Mazzacaine-Connor       Airs

MAZUR, Rafal   Process 2

McCain, Chris /Billy Pierce     Froggin Around

McDonald, Scott   Activavoco

McFee, Joe  Joe McPhee Quartet Unquenchable Fire

McGregor, Chris   Bremen to Bridgewater, Brotherhood of Breath

STEVE McLEAN Ensemble   The Opposite of War

McLeod, Jeff    Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces
                               Stiff Miserable Goodbye
                        Scientists Levitate Small Animals  (Zepubicle)


Meloche, Chris      Impossible Shapes
Meinberg, Stephen   Vitamine

Merce, Sergio    Continuo

Migone, Christof    Vex Ohm

Miller, Donald    Flood

Miltenberger, Bart   Aktivavoco

Mimmo, Gianni  Bespoken

Minton, Phil         Minton, Butcher, Hirt: Two Concerts

Miranda, Eduardo     Electroacoustic Music from Latin America

Misterka, Seth  Construction, Destruction, Recreation
                                 Nine Compositions

Mitchell,  Roscoe       Solo 3


Moholo, Louis   Bremen to Bridgewater, Brotherhood of Breath

Monaco, Alfredo Electroacoustic Music from Latin America

Monk, Kirsten  Jim Conolly and the Gove Country String Quartet

Monico, Filippo   Takla Makan

Montgomery, Gen Ken  Pondfloorsample

Moore, Jackson Nine Compositions

Moore, Michael I'm An Indian Too

Moore, Thurston Barefoot in the Head

Morgan, Neal    Project Soundwave

Mori, Ikue Duets    The Opium War

Morris, Joe   Antennae

Morris, Sam  Yonilicious

Mark Morton  Trios for Deep Voices

Moss, David   Time Stories

Moslang, Norbert   Below Beyond Above

Mota, Manuel   Rafael Toral

Muller-Graf, Eveline UnFolkUs