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Pete Cafarella

Construction, Destruction, Recreation

Robert Calvert

So Be It

Allison Cameron
live performance at Victory, Toronto, Sept 5, 2000
Rosella Cangini

Bridget Carey   String Quartets-Peter Garland

Doug Carroll     Recent Fossils
Peering Over

Daniel Carter   Resonance

Kent Carter Fairly Early with Postscripts

George Cartwright Fabulous Drop

Jessica Catron,      Descansos Past

Bruce Cawdron         Accidents with Nature

Joseph Celli The Seasons : Vermont

CHW TRIO   Serendipity
Eugene Chadbourne   Young and Innocent Days  

Ed Chang  Spin-17

Chenevier, Guigou   Speechless

Francois Chevrolet Doubles
Double Jeu Trio

Audrey Chen  Limn with Tatsuya Nakatani & Susan Alcorn

Jonathan Chen  Quartet Solo Pieces

Peggy Chew   Sonic Calligraphy

Alex Cline Right of Violet

Clit Stop          Clit Stop , Many Bands

Chris Cochrane Fabulous Drop

Rafael Cohen Construction, Destruction, Recreation

Randall Colbourne Resonance

Cold Blue      Adams/Cox/Fink/Fox
                          Complete 10 Inch Series
                          Dancing on Water
                          Descansos Past
                          LAST THINGS
                          LIGHT THAT FILLS THE WORLD
                          MARIA FALLING AWAY
                          On the Leopard Alter

Anthony Cole     Torque

Julie Cole            Heritage and Ringtones

Tim Cole             Winter Pilgrim Arriving
Heritage and Ringtones

Charlie Collins    Winter Pilgrim arriving
                            Scala, the Navigators

Janyce Collins     Jim Fox-Last Things

Mark Collins      Kagel

Michael Cote     Vex Ohm
Charles Compo Great Sunset

Jim Connolly  Kaiser/Diaz-Infante-Sextet

                Jim Connolly and the Gove Country String Quartet 

                    Jim Connolly and the Gove County Philharmonic 
                Time Stops to Visit

Joee Conroy 
   Recent Fossils

                        Time of the Grets
                             Young and Innocent Days

Lawrence Cook   Eric Zinman Ensemble 

Cooper, Jerome    The Psyche

Marghreta Cordero   From Shelter

Sylvie Courvoisier    Lucas Niggli & Sylvie Courviosier

Anthony Cox

Rick Cox    Accidents with Nature      
                     Maria Falling Away


Lol Coxhill Boundless

Marilyn Crispell  Any Terrain Tumultous

Frank Crijins Blast

Tim Crowther   Shell of Certainty

Chris Cutler  Cassiber, Beauty and the Beast
Shopping Live @ Victo
Hangmans Hill 
Two Gentlemen in Verona