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Sait, David    Guzheng Music

SamuelsonRalph     My Dear Siegfried

Sandbox Trio   Daniel Panasenko, Chuck Ellis, Christian Heilman, with Beth Custer

Saw, Derek   Winter Pilgrim Arriving

Peter Schärli   April Works

Schieve, Catherine  The Animation of Lists and the Archytan Transpositions

The Schismatics   Vazen Voll
Martin Schutz     Fidel

Schaffer, Scott   Aktivavoco

Schultz, Phillip  Quartet Solo Series

Sedayne            Winter Pilgrim Arriving

Greg Segal               The Cram & Stuff Method...
                                    The View- is better from the top of the Food Chain

Andred Serrapiglio    Samsingen

Luca Serrapiglio      Samsingen

Hyam R. Sosnow   The Cram & Stuff Method...

Three CD's The View Is Better From the Top of the Food Chain
Yellow Star Mailing List
The Cram and Stuff Method
Shaking Ray Levis     A.S.A.P. Wings
                                         Purple Wind


Elliot Sharp, Hums to Terre

David Shea      The Opium War

Jon Sheffield    Shorehoses

Al Sholl   We Are

Siegfried, Karl  Criminal Mastermind       Blue Rhizome

Simon, John   How the Light Gets In

Simonis, Lucas     Stots   electro-accoustic field recordings

Sirone,    Speechless

Six and More      Oici Voici

Smith, Brian  Puzzle, Georgia Guitar Quartet



Smith, Chas    Maria Falling Away 



Gary Smith    Gary Smith John Stevens
LaDonna Smith      Eye of the Storm                                                                         TransMutating    with Davey Williams
 Dice I, I
I   Women Composers Compilation
                                  Both Kinds of Music with Misha Feigin                                   Buddy Systems   with Gino Robair

Leo Wadada Smith     Yo Miles

Phil Snyder,   Puzzle, Georgia Guitar Quartet

Jason Solomon Puzzle, Georgia Guitar Quartet

Sosnow, Hyam   The View- is better from the top of the Food Chain

Sune Spangberg    Luft

Mathew Sperry      Kagel

Splinter Orchestra   27-member improv group from Australia

Stagner, Bob    A.S.A.P. Wings with Dennis Palmer,  Killick Erik Hinds
Purple Wind


Jim Staley    Blind Pursuits 

Stilley, David   Ut Gret, Recent Fossils

Bruno Steffen          HV West
John Stevens     Gary Smith John Stevens

Michael Jeffrey Stevens   Haiku

Stilley, Dave    Ut Gret,   Recent Fossils

Stone, Carl   Al Noor 

Fredy Studer    Fidel

Sturt, Hilary  String Quartets

Altri Suoni   Sharp Music